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 Created with by L. Barbosa 2014

Works in Print


An A-Z list of all works in print, awards and publications


Bedtime Verses: A simple, non-theistic bedtime verse that gently introduces eight basic concepts for the budding buddha in each of us: gratitude, balance, generosity, selflessness, compassion, acceptance, love and peace. (Poem, unpublished.)


Best-Laid Plans: A woman and her husband look forward to retiring in their little cabin on the lake. But life may have other plans for them.


Chasing Shadows: An old man teeters on the brink of recollection, fishing for a memory, anything he can capture and call his own. Sometimes, if he keeps very still, one will come to him.


Dust Bowl: Rose struggles to find hope as the only world she’s ever known fades into the distant Oklahoma horizon. (Flash Fiction, published in The Florida Writer, Spring 2014)


First Impressions: Carlos Chavez overcomes cultural differences and vicious guard dogs while picking up his wealthy prom date. But his attempt to save her from embarrassment creates an unfortunate first impression. (Flash Fiction, First Place Winner, Royal Palm Literary Award, 2014; Honorable Mention, Creative Writers Notebook, published in "Journeys IX, An Anthology of Award-Winning Short Stories" Fall 2016)

​How Can I Get my Ex Back (And Why I’m Asking the Wrong Question): Recovering from a break-up is tough. Although there is no ten-step program to make someone love you, there is a way to get back the sense of happiness that resides between your ears. (Book, available at


How Can I Smile at a Time Like This? (Discover the power hidden within your everyday problems): In less than a day, you can begin to apply precious ancient teachings to your own modern-day problems. By changing what goes on in your mind, you can rid your life of jealousy, insecurity, anger and depression. Some readers have claimed this little book changed their lives. Are you ready to smile, even at a time like this? (Book, available at


I Do: Two little words can change everything. Karen finds strength in embracing what she feared the most – the ending of her 30-year marriage. (Flash Fiction, First Place Winner, Royal Palm Literary Award, 2013)


Leap of Faith: A middle-aged scaredy-cat takes fate into her own hands by jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. A true personal essay. (Published in The Saturday Evening Post, Online, March 19, 2014; First place winner “Midlife Collage,” October 2013; First Place Winner, Creative Nonfiction, Royal Palm Literary Award, 2015)  NEW: Click HERE for the actual video.


Madame Amore: When Maybelle Bishop hung the shingle outside her ramshackle house, she had no idea she would turn the town of Badger Creek, Georgia on its ear. (Published in "Savannah Anthology" May 2015; Finalist, Royal Palm Literary Award, 2015). 


Miz Maddie's School for Fine Young Ladies: “Readin’ and writin’ be worse sins for a slave,” Mamma said, “‘cause they prideful. They mean you think you’s gonna be somethin’ when you and Jesus both know you ain’t.” (Winner, 2nd Place, "Five on the Fifth" Short Fiction Contest 2016, Published November 2016, online. Winner, Honorable Mention, Tom Howard/John H. Reid Fiction & Essay Contest 2016). 


My Cousin Fred who Thumped his Head: Fred turns a pesky habit into fun, fame and fortune. (Book, Children’s Fiction, available at


Party of One: “A pity party should last no more than seven minutes,” Aunt Maddie would say. “And that’s usually about six minutes too long.” (Flash Fiction, Published in "The First Step," FWA Collections, Vol. 6, 2014)


Prayers Beneath an African Sky: Warned of an imminent attack, a handful of Nigerian families flee their village in the dark of night. But there's no hiding from the brutality of Boko Haram. Separated from their parents, eleven-year-old Ahmed and his four-year-old sister, Safira, find themselves lost and alone with only the clothes on their backs. In the course of their long journey to safety, the two discover the true meaning of family. This piece of fiction is based on real-life accounts of terrorist attacks in the region and the refugees' incredible struggle to survive. 


Rat: When ten-year-old Brad learns his abusive step-father may have killed his mother, he’s imprisoned in the basement. Using his wits, he struggles to survive, hoping she’ll somehow return to save him. (Short Story, Finalist, Royal Palm Literary Award, 2014)

Spontaneous Spirit: Why jump out of a perfectly good airplane? It's a perfectly good question. This true personal essay explores the benefits of stepping out of one's comfort zone to discover the courage we sometimes forget we have. (Published in "Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Empowered Woman", 2018) NEW: Click HERE for the actual video.


Suspicions: In this dark comedy, Edith and Harold Miller suffer unfortunate consequences when they believe their own unfounded suspicions. (Short Story. Honorable Mention, Creative Writers Notebook, published in "Journeys VIII, An Anthology of Award-Winning Short Stories" Fall 2015)


Temptation: A big story told in only 21 words. (Published in “From the Depths,” Spring 2014 by Haunted Waters Press.)


The Cortical Reaction: Two months after falling in love with Robbie, I met his gorgeous, older brother, Paul. It nearly ruined everything. Being Robbie’s girl, should I not have been shielded from temptation? (Short Story, First Place Winner, Royal Palm Literary Award, 2015)


The Doctor's Wife: Dr. Bob's wife, Diane, knew his office staff did not like her. But how was she supposed to relate to people whose idea of fashion was color-coordinated scrubs? (Flash Fiction, Published in "The Florida Writer", December 2015)


Unforgettable: The aging process can wreak havoc with our memories. But some special moments make it through the fog. (Flash Fiction, published in “The Florida Writer,” Fall 2013)



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