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 Created with by L. Barbosa 2014


We discovered these lovely chairs lined up by the shoreline near Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia. Like most things Canadian, they were clean, inviting, and free to friends and strangers alike.









I had these chairs in mind when I created "Life Between My Ears." I hoped you might stop by, and I’ve lined up some fun things for us to enjoy while we relax together.


This website is dedicated to the power that lives between our ears. It celebrates ideas, reflections and inspiration. It gently reminds us that we hold the keys to our own suffering or happiness.


Although I’ve started a blog page with the ramblings in my own head, your comments will turn those musings into a two-way conversation. Much better!


My books insisted upon a page of their own, and like a proud mama, I've listed all my stories on another. Sometimes those babies grow up and leave home, and I like to keep track of them.


To encourage your ideas, there’s a page called prompts. I hope you'll submit your ideas so we can have some fun with them. If your prompt inspires a story you'll be sure to get a copy and it will be posted on the website for all to enjoy. The latest, "A Cinderella Story," incorporated four very different prompts into one tale.


Also, check out our new feature - tiny treats. For those in a rush, a quick word of wisdom to inspire, amuse or encourage you. 


So take a metaphorical seat by the shore and relax. Let's talk about what's between our ears, have a laugh or get misty-eyed. It’s all good!





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